Friday Afternoon War Update

It’s been 5 days now. Everyone, I’m sure, is exhausted. The bombing salvos from Hamas in the Gaza Strip into central Israel have been incessant. Many homes, apartments, cars, busss, schools, hospitals have incurred direct hits. thank goodness, more people haven’t been killed. Our government, army, first-responders, and Iron Dome have been working overtime. We went to bed around 2am last night. There had been 3 missiles fired into the Galilee here from Lebanon around 10pm. We braced ourselves for more, possibly an all-out push by Hizbullah. We are about 12 lies from the border. Thankfully, Lebanon was quick to report that their government “had nothing to do with the missile fire. It was a lone wolf Palestinian.” Whaaaaaat? This made no sense, but we waited. Was this for real? Were they afraid of facing the Israeli army? Was it a ruse to make us think they were keeping out of the situation, only to surprise attack later? When we woke up this morning, we were still alive, but it had been another night of non-stop bombing down south:

When we were going to bed, we were already hearing of an IDF troop build-up on the front, ready to engage on the ground for an incursion into Gaza. BRILLIANT TACTIC! Last night the IDF advertised this on the news and through social media, a rare pre-show teaser. This, in turn made Hamas send many of their terrorists into their elaborate underground tunnel system called “The Metro of Gaza.” There they would lay in wait for a surprise attack on Israeli soldiers. Only there never was a ground attack. Instead, once Israel had intel that many Hamas terrorists were in the tunnel system, they started to carpet bomb the area of the tunnels. Wise move.

Still, overnight, many people in the Beersheva, Ashdod, Ashkelon, Tel Aviv area took refuge in stairwells and in shelters. There was a horrible rumor going around that some Tel Aviv public shelters were turning away people that did not have proof of vaccination. It didn’t sound like something Israelis would do, so I started doing some sleuthing yesterday, calling scores of people I knew in the area including a reporter and a member of Knesset. It was unequivocably fake news. Announcements were made that if this was even attempted, the violators would be arrested. Many babies have been born, some in bomb shelters. There were two weddings that were moved underground because they were interrupted by sirens.

In the meantime, there’s been lots of humor, some dark. And of course, people have come up with drinking games, songs, memes, and videos. Because humor goes a long way to dispel fear. Because sometimes, when all you want to do is cry or scream, it’s good to laugh. Why not? Things could be a lot worse….

I got a little teary when I read my son’s Instagram post…

As of today… the funeral for 5 year old Ido Avigal was held in the Petach Tikvah area. It was interrupted several times by red alert sirens, making the mourners run for cover. I went shopping today. It is a holiday weekend (Shavuot starts Sunday evening). the stores were more crowded than usual. Every one was lined up (patiently – no hoarding) to buy essentials ‘just in case.’ There were signs everywhere with arrows pointing to the nearest shelter. It’s a surreal world. Our mammad (safe room is ready to go-

It’s a couple hours before Shabbat starts. I have to make dinner for tonight and finish up tomorrow’s meals. (I was unable to upload other photos of our shelter. You’ll have to wait for those-) How will the people down south be able to have Shabbat? I’m pretty sure every single Israeli Jew will be lighting candles and saying the blessings over the bread and wine and praying for peace. I’m praying that by Saturday night/Sunday I’ll have good news to post. Please join me in sending up pleas for peace to reign and cool heads to rule on both sides.

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