2 thoughts on “IMG_4885

  1. Great pics
    Hope your husband is recovering well

    Just curious. Why there are no tv in hospitals. Although it’s probably healthier


    • Shalom Miriam.

      Yes. John grows stronger every day and is in great spirits. Thanks for asking.

      Good question on the hospitals. I am assuming you are living in the US where most hospitals are not government run. I believe most of the costs associated with hospitals here go directly into medical care. The hospitals and hospital rooms, in particular, are stripped-down versions of what you’d find in the States. State of the art diagnostic equipment, but the rooms are quite bare. No televisions. Several people to a room (when I was in the hospital for knee surgery in March, the room had 8 beds arranged in a square around the four walls with curtains separating each bed. My husband’s room only had two beds (another reason we loved Sheba). Still the beds are manually cranked to lift the head. And in many instances, two or three rooms share a bathroom in the hall. Because nursing staff is paid a Fraction of what they get in the US, much of the LPN or nursing assistant work is done by a relative or someone paid to stay with the patient. This includes bathing, walking, feeding, holding and emptying emesis basins, etc. and things like that.
      It’s quite different here and has taken some getting used to.
      Still, we would have spent a fortune for all the treatment we’ve received here for very little payment.


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