If You Build It, They Will Come

There’s a standard joke in Israel that our national bird is the crane. It sure seems that way, as giant cranes can be found everywhere. There’s definitely a construction boom going on here. Where there were once barren mountaintops and desolate beaches, in the past four years, whole new cities are springing up.

With Anti-Semitism reaching record highs across Europe and in the United States, now is the time for Jews to plan making Aliyah to their homeland. And Israel is certainly getting ready for them. We pass one of these new communities every day on the way to Tel Aviv. Halfway between Haifa and Tel Aviv on the new Route Six superhighway, an eight minute drive to the beautiful beaches of Caesaria, is Harish. Built on a mountaintop with sweeping views in all directions, this new city is geared for affordable housing for young families.

Yesterday we decided to investigate this brand new master-planned community. Wow! Just two years old, and already with a population of almost 12,000, the developers are expecting Harish to reach maximum build-out within ten years with a population of 100,000! The neighborhoods are arranged in high rise apartments; large single family apartment condos, duplexes and townhomes. Each neighborhood boasts spacious parks and playgrounds, kindergartens, elementary schools and gorgeous synagogues.

There is a huge mall going up. The main boulevard in town is lined with shop spaces for rent. These will eventually become sidewalk cafes and restaurants as well as retail and service establishments. The city has Macabi, Clalit and Meuchedet health clinics and a wide variety of city offices and services. There will be an immigrant absorption center with Ulpan Hebrew classes. There is so much potential here.

Everything is state-of-the-art, with modern conveniences suited to the Western lifestyle. A diverse and pluralistic community, Harish is open to all Israelis, Jewish and non-Jewish; religious and secular. There are already two large community centers, with plans for four more. Also in the works are sports facilities and health club/spa. Shopping markets flank each neighborhood. A hotel will be built in the next year.

So, how affordable is affordable? A lovely 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment condo with large balcony and additional reinforced safe room( all new construction is mandated to include a safe room) can be expected to go for around $250,000 USD. There are also full-service luxury apartments and penthouses for the ultra-discriminating. Plenty units, varying in style and size, are also available for rent. The city has its own bus lines, taxi services, and is right off the main highway for ease of commuting. There will be a cultural arts center and multiplex cinema.

Because green space is so important to Israelis, the city will be fully landscaped with walking trails connecting each neighborhood and hiking trails just outside Harish. It’s beautiful to see all the young families: little children riding bikes an the sidewalks; lots of families out for sunset strolls; large groups of kids playing unattended in the parks. It seems to be quite a safe environment with a free and easy lifestyle. It is a great opportunity as there is a tremendous need for doctors, nurses, teachers and service providers. An excellent chance to enter on the ground floor of an up-an-coming place.

There are towns like this springing up throughout Israel. And every existing city’s horizon is lined with the ubiquitous cranes hovering overhead. So, the country is awaiting this huge influx of immigrants. Hopefully, many people will heed the signs of the times and make the move soon. Israel is a wonderful place to live. For more information on this town, see Harish.co.il. There is even a button for English!!! Also, for info on this place, all other cities, or info on immigration to Israel, I highly recommend the agency, Nefesh B’Nefesh. They can be found at non.org.il. and on Facebook and Instagram.

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