Celebrating Life in Art


Tsfat, Israel

One of the reasons we love Israel is because it is a country that truly celebrates life in all its stages – from womb to tomb. Life is G-d’s greatest gift. For the most part, Israel recognizes this, especially through artistic representation.

I first fell in love with Karmiel for many reasons. It is such a family oriented city. At two the entrances to the city are big, beautiful brightly colored sculptures representing happy family life.DSCN0299

There are two other pieces of art celebrating motherhood and life as the hope for humanity here in Karmiel. The first is the sculpture by Niki Amber (also displayed in Tsfat, above) entitled “Hatikvah” or “Hope.” The other is “Dancing Mother and Child,” here pictured with the sculptor, Joan Dubov.

Haifa, to the south, has an amazing sculpture garden with works by the artist Ursula Malbin. The park sits high atop Mt. Carmel overlooking Haifa Bay and the city. It’s a favorite place to take a break and meditate… her works have a nuance of the humor of everyday parenting as well. I love the pieces of the mother schlepping a bevy of young tots and the one of the mom teaching her toddler to walk with a diaper.

In the Mamilla Mall of Jerusalem, there are public displays of sculptures (also available to purchase) by many of Israel’s best artists. The displays rotate seasonally, many with Biblical themes, but there are so many other varied subjects. Here are two of my personal favorites. The first is “Family” the second is “Knit Together by HaShem in the Mother’s Womb.”

I leave you with something John and I find absolutely amazing. It’s in the city park in Ma’alot, in the extreme North of Israel. The title of the sequence is “Beresheet,” or “Beginning.” The artist for the first pieces is Aviva Berger. “Delivery” was done by Viktor Kopach. I’m not certain of who carved the last four, but all were part of the annual Ma’alot Sculpture Festival (2012). I would be shocked to see something of this nature in the States. It pains us to know pieces like this would be instantly defaced and demolished there due to “political incorrectness.”  Another reason why we are enjoying living here. The park in Ma’alot is another one of our favorite places to stroll and to celebrate life here at all its beautiful and wondrous stages.

One thought on “Celebrating Life in Art

  1. All the sculptures are so beautiful. I especially feel connected to the pieces of the young mother and young children. I was flooded many memories and and joy. Thank you once again for sharing.
    I love you ❤️ Hugs to John.


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