Windows, Doors & Alleys

It’s been a long and busy couple of weeks, so I’ve decided to take a little break and do a different sort of post. Visual and artsy, I am taking a request from one of my daughters. I’ve always been smitten by windows, doors, flowers, and architecture. Many of the photographs I’ve taken have been of the beautiful and, for me interesting, glimpses into the varied buildings in Israel. I hope you will find peace in these images. The first set is from Jerusalem….

The next grouping was taken on our recent trip to the artists’ colony at Ein Hod, off the Mediterranean Coast south of Haifa.

The Galilee has so many different little cities and villages each with their own unique flavor….

The last set was taken over the past year in Tel Aviv/Yaffo and in the Central Region of Israel, Bet Shemesh & Abu Ghosh….



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