Time for Fun: Elvis in Jerusalem


After weeks of dismal news at best, it’s time to break loose with an article I’ve been saving to write. We all need to break loose and seek out the kitschiest thing to do once in awhile. When we were staying on the outskirts of Jerusalem for Sukkot and I saw this, I just KNEW we had to go!!! For years I’d been listening to the Moshav Band song “Elvis in Jerusalem,” but I had no idea it was a real place. It far and above exceeded all expectations! An American-style diner at a roadside gas station, a tourist trap full of souvenirs and tchatchkies from coffee mugs to postcards, snow globes, and Elvis beer and wine, this place had it all.

For over 40 years, the owner of the Elvis Inn (not an inn at all, but who’s to complain?), Uri Yoeli, has been collecting all things Elvis. The larger than life statues herald tourists and curiosity seekers flocking to have their pictures taken with The King. Also outside, were three of the cars purportedly owned by Presley himself: a Mercedes, a souped-up Rolls hot rod, and a red Corvette. It really didn’t matter whether he actually did own them, there was a long line of people from all nations waiting to pose in front of them for selfies. The interior did not fail to disappoint either. The music of Elvis Aaron Presley played loudly all the time, and the walls were studded with album covers, autographed photos, his actual guitars, and plenty of other memorabilia. Including a random assortment of more statues.You couldn’t help but have fun and sing along ….. as well as make really bad jokes about the King of the Holy Land.

So – we decided to sit down, read the great Hebrew menu (also available in English and a half dozen other languages), and for my husband, to order a burger. OK, so he said the food was disappointing, but do you really expect to find a phenomenal American hamburger in the Kosher Kapital of the world? No cheese or dairy products with meat. Anyway, in typical Israeli style, the waiter brought out the humus and pita…and olives,,,,and cucumber/tomato salad, and other now-familiar munchies for Israel. Not boding well so far, but I wasn’t here for the food. The menu was great, with facts about Elvis’ life, and a blurb about how he loved hamburgers. I perused the memorabilia until the food arrived – a burger in pita!!!! Honey, I don’t think we’re in America any more.

Here’s a quick share of the afternoon. Enjoy!!!

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