So sorry for the interruption, and please excuse technical difficulties: I’m doing the entire blog from my iPhone until our real computer arrives (May it be speedily).so to continue the last post/saga:

Our group, led by my friend, Reb Benny, we’re singing songs of peace in Hebrew – “May G-d bless this city, this country, the people, and our world, with peace,” and the traditional “Heveinu Shalom Aleichem” among others.

When I caught sight of the group of Franciscans, I totally lost it. We had received word just a week prior of the passing of our close family friend and one of our spiritual advisors, Fr. Joe Scerbo. He was a great man, a Franciscan, who had devoted his life to interfaith dialogue and understanding the commonalities rather than the differences between Judaism and Catholicism. He was a leader in our Thousand Oaks community with a life motto of “ever forward with G-d.” He encouraged our family to follow our dreams of dialogue, love, and intense spirituality wherever and however G-d would lead us- and he was very present, both in memory and in spirit on this beautiful day.

With the world in tension, I look forward to the day when people of all races, cultures and creeds can live together as one “kulanu k’echad.” A time when seasons and spiritualities will come together – May that time come in our lifetime…

(I hope the lovely video I posted comes through. You might have to click on it a few times. If not, I’ll try to repost) Thanks for your continued patience on the journey!

3 thoughts on “Continuation

  1. Thanks Tamar, it came through as an audio with that one cover photo, certainly better than just the photo alone! So great that we can be with you through more senses!


  2. Tamar – Karen and I send hugs and love to John, Max and you. In your tellings it is clear that you are where you should be at this time. Thank you for sharing the depths of your connection and understanding of the history and the present. Enjoy – Mark


    • Thank you. This is such a huge growth experience for us all. And a decision we did not make lightly at all. Have tons of great stuff planned for the blog involving many subjects from political to food, nature, archaeology & history. With contests and giveaways – and interviews and videos. Keep reading. Hope to see you soon!


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